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29399 Agoura Road #113 | Agoura Hills, CA 91301 | phone: 818-584-0058

Home - welcome to Dr. Lynne's homeopathic treatment

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Dr. Lynne WalkerI have studied alternative medicine for more than 25 years, finding the perfect balance between Eastern and Western remedies. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy and Homeopathy, and I carefully selected products that have real healing powers, many of which are not available elsewhere on the Internet.

Our product line features remedies from over twenty of the most trusted and effective brands.


Remedies - how to take homeopathic remedies

Important considerations when taking homeopathic remedies

  • When choosing your own remedies without the advice of a practitioner, take only 3x to 30x potencies, nothing higher.
  • Take the remedies away from food and drink -- a minimum of fifteen minutes before or after eating or drinking (except water). Your mouth should be clean and free of food, drink, tobacco, alcohol, toothpaste, gum, etc.
  • Avoid coffee, camphor, mint, menthol and eucalyptus products (internal and external, such as gums, lozenges, Tiger Balm, Vick's VapoRub, white flower oil, Noxzema creams, and BenGay), which can antidote the remedies or render them ineffective. (That’s the rule, but for people who absolutely can’t give up coffee, experience indicates that the remedies may still be effective if taken well away from it.) Homeopathic medicine should never be used along with steroid drugs, which work by an opposing mechanism. Homeopathic remedies encourage the body to regain its original vitality; steroids suppress the immune system’s own efforts.
  • Let the drops fall from the dropper or bottle into the mouth, taking care not to touch the dropper to the tongue or lips; or put the drops in a little water. Try to hold the liquid in your mouth for thirty seconds before swallowing. Wait at least thirty seconds before taking another remedy.
Home - welcome to Dr. Lynne's homeopathic treatment

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29399 Agoura Road #113
Agoura HIlls, CA 91301
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Home - welcome to Dr. Lynne's homeopathic treatment

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